Frequently Asked Questions



Will I be assigned to certain activities? Our program operates on the free choice system; meaning you are free to choose those activities which appeal to you. The only activity in which we would like for you to participate in is Instructional Swim. We feel that improving ones swimming skills is very important. Our classes are taught according to American Red Cross curriculum and passing campers receive American Red Cross certification cards.


Does this mean I can spend most of my day relaxing in my tent and just going to Instructional Swim? No, we do not assign you to activities but we do require that you sign up for every activity period.


Your brochure says Echo Hill is a ‘rustic’ camp. What exactly does this mean? We are a ‘comfortable’ rustic. Most children live in large platform tents with bunk beds and mattresses. There is no electricity in the tents, so flashlights come in handy! The bathrooms are ‘privy’ style with separate stalls for privacy. The showers and sinks are outdoors in an enclosed area - there is plenty of hot water, but there is no roof


Does ‘rustic’ also mean that I have to cook my own meals? No! All meals are prepared for you! Whether you are a vegetarian or not, we are sure you will find each meal to be truly delicious with plenty of choices to entice your taste buds and satisfy your hunger!


Do I have to already know how to waterski to sign up for it? How about sailing? Absolutely not! We provide instruction in all our activities from the beginner level up. If you do not know how to do one of our activities we will teach you the basics and then help you develop your skills as you progress.


Can my parents send me care packages? Yes, however, we encourage them not to send candy or other treats. If your parents do send candy or other food you must share it equally with all the members of your tent/cabin and you may not bring it back to the living areas as it could attract raccoons.


Do the girls and boys live in the same area? No, all activities and meals are co-ed but the living areas and bathroom facilities are separated to ensure privacy.


May I bring my Gameboy, touch-screen iPod & cellphone?:  No, we believe you should “unplug” from your electronics and outside distractions to “plug into” yourself, your friendships, the outdoors and life at camp!  For more details, please see our “Electronics Policy” in Enrollment Information under Forms.


CD player, CD’s and nicest clothes? While we do not prohibit you from bringing any of those items we do strongly suggest that you leave anything expensive or otherwise valuable at home.


Can I bring my favorite baseball glove, soccer ball or lacrosse stick? Yes, feel free to bring any personal athletic equipment. However, keep in mind that it is best to leave home anything you cannot bear to lose.


Who is the Camp Director? Echo Hill is owned and operated by the Peter Rice family. Peter Rice, Jr. is the camp director. He is assisted by his wife, Libby, who is a registered nurse.. Peter has over forty years experience in the fields of camping and education. He is the founder and director of the Echo Hill Outdoor School which is an environmental school located on the Echo Hill campus. The Rice family has been involved in children’s camping since the 1940’s. Peter’s father, Peter, Sr., was the principal of Sidwell Friends Lower School in Washington D.C. and Peter’s mother, Pauline, also worked at Sidwell before founding the Reading Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Mrs. Rice ran the camp tutoring program for many years. Peter’s brother, Terry, is a member of Echo Hill’s board of directors, is a partner in the accounting firm of Birkes and Rice and is the camp comptroller.


Are you a member of the American Camp Association? Yes. As an Accredited camp member of the American Camp Association, Echo Hill is visited periodically by officially trained and certified camp inspectors for the purpose of verifying our continued compliance with the American Camp Association’s Camping Standards in the areas of personnel, program, administration, site and facilities, health, sanitation, safety and transportation.


Are you annually inspected and licensed by the Maryland Department of Health? Yes. We are inspected every summer and hold a current Youth Camp Certificate issued by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.


Are you inspected by your local health department? Yes. We are inspected frequently by the Kent County Department of Health.


Are you bothered by sea nettles (jellyfish) or water pollution? No. The Bay in our area is fed by clean, fresh water rivers such as the Sassafras and the Elk. Jellyfish prefer water with a higher salt content and are therefore rarely seen. The Kent County Department of Health test our drinking water and the Bay water at least once per week.


Is there a camp uniform? There is no uniform, but a list of suggested clothing accompanies the application.


Can you provide references from the parents of campers? Yes, email us for references:



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