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Echo Hill Camp is beautifully situated upon a bluff sloping down to a sandy beach on Maryland’s Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  The area is rural but is within two hours from Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  We are rustic and close to nature with most campers living in large platform tents.


Meet the Directors

Echo Hill Camp was established in 1915. It is privately owned and operated by the Peter P. Rice, Jr., family. Peter has over 40 years of experience in the fields of camping and education.


Peter is assisted by his wife, Libby, who is a registered nurse. Peter and Libby have three children who have each spent many summers at Echo Hill. Their eldest daughter, Katie, is one of his Associate Directors. Their middle child, Julie, is an Assistant Director, and their youngest, Peter, is one of the Waterfront Directors.


Peter is also joined by two additional Associate Directors, Penny Weintraub and Annelieke Noordhoek, who have a combined total of 50 years experience at Echo Hill!


Peter is also the founder and director of the Echo Hill Outdoor School which is an environmental school located on the Echo Hill campus and operates throughout the calendar school year.


The Staff

The camp staff is one of Echo Hill’s greatest strengths. They are innovative and creative people who love children and provide excellent instruction and leadership. Most of the dedicated 55 staff members spent happy childhood summers as campers at Echo Hill and return year after year in hopes of providing the same wonderful experience to their campers.


Health Care

Echo Hill has a Registered Nurse in residence 24/7. Dr. Fred Delboy, the camp physician, has his office (Chestertown Family Medicine) in nearby Chestertown and is on-call for us 24/7. Chester River Hospital Center is also located in Chestertown and is available to us if needed.


All of our staff are certified in CPR and First Aid. 95% of the staff are also certified Lifeguards.


We have emergency medical supplies and equipment on camp, including an AED, EpiPens, Inhalers and Oxygen.


The Betterton Fire Department and Rescue Squad is 6 miles from camp.


**Important note: Our Health Care staff have championed the fine art of good ol’ TLC!



Catherine “Honey” Murray is our chef and has been cooking for Echo Hill campers and staff for over 35 years. Echo Hill has a wonderful reputation for its delicious home cooked food. We have balanced menus, which include fresh and local produce, fruit and a substantial salad bar. We accommodate vegetarians at every meal. The meals are served family style, with two staff members at every table.



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